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Jason's world gets a bit bluer!

Blue, blue, my world is blue!

Here's Jason's report...

Well, I knew of a local friend who had ANOTHER Lorde's Blue 16v that he was selling on Bring a Trailer ( the new owner had won it (to his surprise as two other international bidders had internet connectivity problems at the worst possible time)  and was going to pick it up on a saturday and I managed to finish my car on a thursday and meet up with him shortly after. 



A little info on the 16v, the car was in good shape all things considered. Some wear and tear given the age, but nothing outstanding. The car was repainted from the oem grey/black metallic to the lordes blue as apparent from the engine bay, but great attention was taken on the respray and it was done well. I also got my first glimpse of a 16v engine bay, and I have to say...I thought it was tight in the 8v bay....well...... I take it back. 16v engine bays would have made my turbo teardown exponentially harder given the amount of space...could it have been done? Sure! But I was quite happy with my 8v that day. 


 (*** I should also note here... even in the deepest depths of my engine bay, never once was the color not Lordes blue...leading to believe that my inspection reports from the auction house were true, and the car was never repainted and blue WAS the factory color it rolled out of the factory with).


With that being said, I spoke to the new owner and gave him info on a multitude of different nuances of the car. Fortunately the new owner is quite accustomed to unique vehicles, so I think he'll have a good time with it.



And of course we took pictures! Seeing that there are only 3 Lorde Blue integrales in the country (Evo specs arent allowed yet as per the 25 year law),One 8v my importer sold (as seen on previous posts on this site) my 8v and this resprayed 16v, we figured we would never see it again.

Thanks for an interesting report Jason,

the blue 16v looks good. It's a pity about the car being a repaint, but as you say, it's been done very well. The car has a nice leather interior and looks low and mean.


The words 'learning' and 'curve' come to mind for the new owner!!

Click here to see the Bring a trailer advert

A short comment from your editor:

That 16v on Bring a Trailer is a good looking car, it's a fresh import from Japan, and has the usual Japanese

quality of not being quite original.

The black leather interior is very nice, but the modified suspension, interior fittings, air cleaner and window tint would be changed by an obsessive like me.

As Jason says, the paint job looks well done, the door edges, sills and under hood are all well finished,

I guess the engine bay can be forgiven.

The car was sold for $22,475.00, which is about £17,500.00.

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