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This may look like a British Autumn scene, but it's not!!

A long way from home

Here's another interesting Lancia Delta. This Evo1 is owned by William, who lives in New York, USA.

William waited a long time until the Evo1 cars could be legally imported into the US, this car is now the actual 1st legal Evo1 in the USA!

This Delta was listed on Ebay earlier in 2016, I saw the ad and was uncertain about the car. However, unlike me, William did some thorough research and discovered an interesting history.

The car was in France, on UK plates, William bought it, and shipped the Integrale carefully, by sea, back to NY.

new york evo1
evo1 in new york

William discovered that this was a 1991 pre-production Evo1, used by Lancia as a development car. During its stay with the Lancia factory this car had many later Evo2 parts fitted. The most obvious being the beige high back Recaros, a Momo wheel, headlamp height adjusters and an Evo2 fuel filler are among the other modifications.

Lancia sold this car in Italy, in 1994. Walkers in the UK later imported the car, and they sold it in 1998. Walkers did their own research into why this Evo was an early build, and then modified, and William has the documents Walkers produced to confirm the car's provenance.

All the docs are shown at..

Momo wheel

Beige hi-backs

William is enjoying Lancia ownership, he loves this Monza red car, and has a large knowledge of the Integrale range. William has several other great classic cars to chose from, visit his website and have a look around, it's well worth a visit.         We wish William good luck, and be careful in the snow!

integrale and porsche

We thank William for sharing his great Evo story with us, and for the pictures too.

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