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It's MOT time again, one problem remaining is the non winking repeater light.

If you find this light unit won't come out as the handbook says,

you'll have to dig a bit deeper, here's how...


            Definition. a person or thing that winks

undo integrale wheel

undo wheel bolts

Apply the handbrake and slacken the wheel bolts with the car on the ground.

Jack the car up and make it safe with an axle stand at the front, remove the wheel under the failed lamp.


Undo all the 8mm hex head screws fixing the two plastic wing liner sections in place, because the top of the back liner fits underneath the top of the front section, both should be removed. I'm sure there's an easy method to pull the arch liners out, but I always have a fight with them! Releasing the clips from the wheel arch lip is a struggle.

integrale on axle stand

safely support car

undoing integrale wing liner

undo arch liner screws

Reach up inside the fender behind the repeater light and squeeze the two side prongs on the lamp case inwards, the light unit can then be pulled outwards.


Turn and withdraw the bulb holder, pull out the bulb and stick a new one in. Put the bulb holder back and shove the lamp into its hole, the prongs will click into place.

remove integrale wing liner

remove wheel arch liners

release and pull out fitting

lancia delta winker remove

turn and remove lamp holder

 Test the lights now, it could have been an electrical fault that caused the failure,

and you'd have to take everything off again to find that.

In this case it was just the bulb, so everything was put back into place.

The light now works as it should.

light tested and working, all can now be reassembled

 An owner once told me he'd taken his Evo1 to a MrClutch for a new clutch. They quoted for the job, and were so upset by the amount of work it took to do it, the MrClutch manager asked him never to come back again.

Only we know, as Delta owners, how difficult it is repairing these cars.


This bulb is so small, and the trouble to fit it so big, I might try Halfords

bulb fitting service next time, see what they say about it!

tiny little bulb

We love Halfords really!

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