Bravery..knowing something's going to be difficult, but doing it anyway


The first of the two 8v Integrales is Mark's. This is a UK car, it's red and was stripped down by the previous long term owner, then left for several years until recently being listed on Ebay.

Mark bravely bought the car, and shipped it home for restoration.

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Lancia Delta 8v kat

This 8v Delta has always been a UK car, originally supplied by Walkers,

it spent its life in the north of Great Britain, where it was subject to the

usual bad weather. 


The car was completely stripped down a good few years ago and left in a garage, the Ebay listing showed a bare shell with engine and wheels, but with everything else stripped off and stacked against the garage walls.

To transport the car, Mark and the vendor refitted the doors and bonnet,

and taped in the screens


The car was Ziebarted from new, it has a 6 year corrosion warrantee booklet, however only the first year's record has been signed, so subsequent years it was left to its own decomposure.

The underseal holes are drilled with the plastic caps fitted, but it must have been a quick job done, the Delta has happily rotted away in all the usual corners, and more besides!

Rusty Delta wing
Integrale 16v bonnet

Mark rightly decided his first job was to find a 16v bonnet, he found a rust free red item and fitted it right away

Integrale tailgate

The 8v came with a very good Evo2 Lord Blue tailgate.

Grief sticker fitted by Mark.

With great care, Mark has removed the rear suspension, fuel tank and diff support without shearing many bolts at all. The long bottom bolts were preserved, the only casualty being small exhaust support bolts.

The bumper support brackets were rusty, and the inner captive nut

sheared off.

Diff cage will be blasted and refinished. Mark will prepare, prime and paint this metalwork, not powder coat, which of course I agree with.

Mark is starting at the back, and working forwards. The complicated rear box sections are quite badly corroded, Mark's starting to cut these away and fabricate repair metalwork.


The front of the rear wheel arch is quite bad on the passenger side, so a ready made repair section will be bought. These ready made repair sections are expensive, and they might not always fit perfectly, but the complicated curved wheel arch section is difficult to reproduce by hand.


Mark is well able to fabricate the other sections. 

Integrale 16v bonnet