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We continue with our report on the exciting Automobiliamos Futurista project.

Project leader Eugenio kindly donated his own sedici valvole Delta to the cause, this has been well stripped, with the bare body shell dipped, de-rusted and Abarth designed strengthening sections welded in. A mould has been taken from the removed original dashboard, and a complete new dashboard machined from the moulded buck. As described previously, the dash will respect the Delta's clear instruments by using analogue equipment, but be a sleeker and more ergonomic assembly. Well lit, with clear and easy to use controls.

The interior will be on a theme of sporting comfort, with a feel of an Evo2, the Automobiliamos team are using homologated Recaro seat frames, which will have a tip-up facility to allow access to the back seat in this 3 door car.

The seat mountings will be strengthened, but will retain the same, type-approved layout, adjustment mechanisms will be improved.

The AA team are designing new seat upholstery for the Recaro frame, this respects the Evo2 style, but will use more modern materials and ensure improved comfort.Contrasting breathable seat centre material will be used, with a soft and comfortable bolster and outer area material.

Many styles of ready made Recaro sports seats

are available, but this AA project will have its own specially styled and upholstered seating.

This will match to the special high quality trim used throughout the Futurista

Giovanni & Renzo of Autotechnica

The heart of Eugenio's automobile will be its engine, this is being engineered by the team at Autotecnica of Casalmaggiore, Italy.

Autotechnica are building a new engine around the original engine block. The Fiat 2ltr twin cam is well known as a strong, well balanced engine, Autotechnica will keep the original dimensions in any type approval critical components, and where homologation is required.

The engine team will however modify the fuel injection, cams, cylinder head, turbo, exhaust etc. The engine will be reliable and powerful. Eugenio is a racing driver of experience, he knows what his new car needs, it needs torque and power, but it needs to be comfortable and easy to drive, and Eugenio knows that 300bhp is enough for anyone.

Autotecnica have built over 2000 engines since 2008,

and 200 of their engines race every year, many supported

at the track by AT technicians. 

The facilities and expertise of the Autotecnica team is

second to none. 

The project is using a sound engineer to help create an exhaust note which will be distinctive, but not intrusive. Firm but fair!

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