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Kat fight!

lancia delta integrale 8v kat

I wanted to share this minor triumph with you, as we all know there are many challenges to Delta ownership.

Any small step forward needs celebrating!

Our barn find car is an 8v Kat, it's a challenge!

I will renew all the belts, the pulley bearings and the water pump

before the car goes on sale. It's crowded in the cam belt area, with minimum clearance, even worse than a 16v.

Many interconnected items need to be removed, one item is the front balancer shaft drive wheel, to remove its bottom bolt, to remove the metal shield, to remove the water pump.

Without having a special tool to lock the shaft, I didn't want to put grips on the sprocket and risk damaging it. So I used the old cam belt and wound it around the small sprocket, then passed the belt around the front cam wheel.

I sacrificed the 18mm end of my lovely 18/19mm offset combination ring spanner, cutting that end off so I could get my small bar over the straight shaft. I turned the small sprocket with the 19mm wrench until it tightened the belt, slipped the bar over the spanner shaft, and while watching the top cam sprocket didn't turn too much, I pulled the bar.

The bolt cracked off and I could undo it with the shortened 19mm wrench. The belt was removed, and the sprocket and bearing too, then I could remove the water pump and see what needs to be done. The idler bearing feels a bit rough, so I'll change that.


When you change the belts, you should of course change the water pump whatever its condition, you don't want to dig this deep too often if it can be avoided.

Lancia Delta 8v kat cam belts
lancia delta 8v kat balance shaft
lancia delta starter motor
Integrale 8v kat cam belts

I'm working from the back to the front of this car, I think it was just the way it was parked in the garage, so it seemed logical!

The starter relay clicked, but nothing else happened, here's why the starter wouldn't turn, it's rusted solid!

After the ridiculous effort needed to remove a Delta's starter, I was glad to see this one had been worth

the removal! I've got the alternator off too for replacement.

That screwdriver is

down no.1 plug hole

to check TDC

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