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We were struggling to get our Evo1 running right, in fact running at all! We thought it was about time we investigated if 'Lanciatrek' could help, so I emailed Steve Cox at and asked what you need to do to obtain this program, and what it does when you do get it.

Steve pointed me to to read up a bit, and how to download the free starter LanciatrekLite version. LanciatrekLite is free to download, with this you can test your leads and the connections, and get an idea of

what the program will do.


3 pin Fiat plug to 16 pin ODB lead, with power and return lead to power ODB device.

Steve says the power leads can be connected to an old USB lead to utilise the laptop's power system. This must be done with extreme care and testing before use, otherwise damage to your computer may result, instructions on Lanciatrek site.

ODB11 to USB connector

available on Ebay

The Integrale uses a proprietory 3-pin Fiat diagnostic connector, this was originally designed to connect to the Fiat FLT handheld tester. Modern engine management diagnostic systems utilise the OBDII standard which has a16-pin connector which all modern car manufacturers use.


Cables are available which have the Fiat 3-pin connector one end, and an OBDII socket on the other, with a pair of crocodile clips for power. This will then connect directly to an OBDII to USB cable, which when combined allows us to connect the integrale's ECU to a modern computer running Lanciatrek. So we need:

Integrale to FIAT 3pin / OBDII to OBDII / USB to Lanciatrek


Note that the 3-pin connector comes with a pair of flying leads that need to be connected to ground and power. This is because the integrale's ECU diagnostic socket does not provide external power unlike the OBDII standard which relies on power from the car. These wires power the interface within the leads, more information can be found here


Steve explains you can use the computer's usb connection to power the diagnostic connection,

but with great care to ensure the polarity is correct. 

The Lancia Delta doesn't have a mass air flow meter on the inlet tract, our cars rely on MAP sensors to measure the air in the manifold, and control the fuel requirements.

These Manifold Absolute Pressure sensors are important.

The later 16v cars have a large manifold pressure range, which requires 2 MAP sensors to measure the pressure properly, one measures low range, the other higher range pressure. Lanciatrek checks on these sensors 


To use the ODB adaptor you'll have to download the software supplied with it, this can be a bit tricky, you'll have to call on your old Windows file management skills. The lead I bought needed the laptop to be plugged into the car, and the laptop on the internet too. This is all doable, but is more difficult than downloading Lanciatrek!


You'll need your Windows skills on this one!

When you've got your cables and you've read the informative Lanciatrek website, you'll understand what can be achieved. There are links to Youtube vids which show how things are done. When you're ready to try Lanciatrek, go to and

download the free Lanciatrek Lite program. You will then see the system working, and like me, want the full system ASAP!

Steve invites a donation, when this is received he'll send the full fat Lanciatrek for you to download. The Lanciatrek website is very helpful, and Lancia Delta owner Steve has developed the program at his own cost to analyse our Deltas' ECUs.

As reported on another page, it worked for us! We were told our non starting Evo1 had a faulty connection to the distributor, and a faulty low pressure MAP sensor. The dizzy wire was fixed and the car started 1st time, result!

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