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A very small car meet, with only one Delta!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

It has been months of not driving or meeting anyone and as the limits on who you were allowed to meet outdoors gave gave us at Integralingham HQ the idea to meet some friends for a socially distanced car meet.

Our Integrale Evo 1 Facing off agains Sanjay's E46 Aplina B3 and John's E36 M3 EVO.

The main reason was to get some miles on the Evo 1 before the extremely reliable and enjoyable car came off the road for a full rear end refresh..

Lovely Group

We spent the majority of our time drinking coffee and eating cake thanks to Kate,

and talking over Matt's excellent LS400 before taking the Evo 1 on a blast up the road

and taking some pictures.

The cars were all interesting even if the group was small. The Leuxs LS400 was a class act with all the mod cons and a desperately low price tag. Sanjay's Alpine B3 was a long serving toy which had just been repainted and belayed its huge performance. With a 3.3 liter straight 6 and about 280 horses this old grocery getter had real performance. John had brought along his E36 M3 which is in lovely shape and silky smooth 320 hp which makes it a fast car even today but obviously the red Evo 1 with its FE centre stripe and anthracite wheels took centre stage.

LS400 motor really is that smooth

Great evening was had by all and much fun was had balancing things on the running Lexus motor. despite much effort no other car could win the smoothness competition. Next time will be bigger and better with more cars but we were grateful to be able to see friends again.

The full Integralingham website is available on your desktop computer.

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