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Trailer jobs

We're enjoying our new trailer, new to us anyway! It's a quality unit with a low, wide wheelbase, so it's stable on the highway, and easy to load. The Hilux pulls it well, I take it slowly anyway, with a valuable cargo loaded.

Delta Integrale on trailer

This job was to collect a purchased used BMW E36 m3 coupe.

Our customer told me this car was the next big value riser, this gentleman has invested in Deltas in the past.

Now that Deltas are becoming so expensive, he's looking to the future. Looking at Ebay later, I'd say he is right!

A similar car, but with low miles, is on sale for £21000!

I'm not sure what our man paid for this M3, but I think it was less than a third of that Ebay car. Result!

BMW E36 m3 on trailer

 A valuable BMW well secured

bmw m3 on trailer

This M3 is the Evo model. This car has cloth, manual seats, no sunroof and no cruise control. So it's guite a hardcore model, I only drove it up the ramps, but it started well, and I'm told the car is really fast!

Next job was a bit different, we had to rescue a Trabant that had outstayed it's welcome. The Trabby had been resting for some years undisturbed, but needed to be moved to a new home.

The brakes were tight, but the car is so light we could easily shuffle it over to the trailer. We tied the winch cable to something metal and solid under the car, there was a towing eye of some kind at the back, but this would probably have pulled a big hole in the body work. Being as the car is moulded from some kind of paper waste.


This Trabant's owner has kindly let me know that these cars are not made from paper waste!


In fact, the Trabant was made of Duroplast, a special kind of plastic, made by mixing formica and bakelite, and made stronger with fibres of cotton. 

trabant loading on trailer

A check shirt party!

trabant on trailer

Trabby safely loaded

trabant delivered

The Trabby safely delivered to it's new suburban home, I'm sure it'll be happy there.

The Hilux hardly felt any different, the little Trabant is so light.

I notice the Trabby has a front wind deflector and driving lights, for high speed night time motorway travel I assume!

We are happy to collect and deliver any car,

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hilux on trailer
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