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A useful bad habit.

I like a good dig in a skip, mostly at the back of car body repair shops.

A good find was a new and unused Renault van side panel, whose curves and swages are useful for repairing curved rusty Lancia metal section. I am renewing the rear end of an Evo1, one of the rear brake metal shields is rusty, I will repair it with a curved part of

the Renault panel

That's what is left of the Renault metalwork, it's been useful on Rupert's Evo also.

The curve of the lower corner isn't far off the radius of the Delta back plate, so with a little 'dressing' I got the section to match the back plate's curves.

I machined off most of the loose rust, and made sure getting down to clean metal at the area to be welded, I turned the welder down to no1 and gently dabbed in the joint back and front.

It's too easy to burn through these old parts, so gentle welding is required.

I clamped on the sound shield to match the curve and the one hole to be drilled, I dressed out the worst lumps in the metalwork, then treated them to a rust removal fluid.

To finish I gave them a coat of satin black metal paint. Job done!

The full Integralingham website is available on your desktop computer.

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